...harnessing the power of logic.

Founded in the year 1997, Flowgic is an ASIC design company led by a dynamic management team. With commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, we have been seeing a steady growth in new as well as repeat business.

By providing a challenging and rewarding work experience, Flowgic has attracted real talent and will continue to do so to meet growing demands for its products and services. We are always on the look out to hire talented individuals with a “can do” attitude. If you are interested in joining the Flowgic team, please send us your resume.


- A unique AMBA AXI solution from Flowgic extends the bus between chips.

- Flowgic offers 10 Gb/s Ethernet MAC and 10-120 Gb/s Interlaken Controller IP cores.

- Download for free Synthesizeable IP cores -- 10 Gb/s Interlaken and Ethernet MAC.

- Access to full-featured RegEx, a comprehensive Control/Status Register generation Tool, is now Free.