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AXI Bus Extender IP Core

AMBA AXI from ARM Holdings is an high performance on-chip bus architecture. Wide datapath versions of of the AXI are not amenable to extensions beyond a single chip/FPGA. Flowgic's AXI Bus Extender(ABE) core makes it possible to extend AXI bus across two chips with very few package pins. ABE core is built using Flowgic's Interlaken Controller(IL) core, which is a flexible, high-bandwidth, packet transport mechanism for chip-to-chip communication

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Key Features

  • Supports 64-bit and 128-bit AXIdata channels
  • Transparently bridges transactions, maintaining AXI ordering requirements
  • Makes use of Interlaken controller, a flexible and robust, chip-to-chip packet communication protocol controller
  • Maps AXI channels to independent Interlaken channels
  • Provides an additional high-priority external message channel to user logic for communicating control and status information
  • Dedicated high-priority internal message channel for Heartbeat and health status reporting
  • Built-in arbiter that accords highest priority to message channels and round-robin arbitration for AXI channels
  • Simple, synchronous interface to user logic
  • High-speed SERDES lanes or lower-speed LVDS lanes for chip-to-chip interface
  • Extensive error reporting and diagnostics


  • Low Pin Count
  • Low Latency
  • Low Gate Count
  • Flexible Design
  • Designed for Reuse & Testability
  • Proven Design Methodology
  • Customization Options


  • Functional Specification
  • RTL Database
  • Functional Verification Environment
  • Synthesis Scripts
  • Timing Report
  • User Guide


For licensing/more information, contact sales or call +1 (510)656-4524.


- A unique AMBA AXI solution from Flowgic extends the bus between chips.

- Flowgic offers 10 Gb/s Ethernet MAC and 10-120 Gb/s Interlaken Controller IP cores.

- Download for free Synthesizeable IP cores -- 10 Gb/s Interlaken and Ethernet MAC.

- Access to full-featured RegEx, a comprehensive Control/Status Register generation Tool, is now Free.