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RegEx is a design automation tool that generates synthesizeable RTL code for Command and Status registers/memories for management of ASICs by software. By providing the ability to specify a variety of registers and memories with a user friendly web interface and the ability to implement them with a few mouse clicks, RegEx brings unprecedented ease and efficiency. RegEx also generates documentation that is consistent with implementation, testbench and tests thereby eliminating major sources of misunderstanding and design flaws.

Access to full-featured RegEx(on our server) is free with some limits on usage. Contact us to buy unlimited access or to have RegEx installed on your server.

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- A unique AMBA AXI solution from Flowgic extends the bus between chips.

- Flowgic offers 10 Gb/s Ethernet MAC and 10-120 Gb/s Interlaken Controller IP cores.

- Download for free Synthesizeable IP cores -- 10 Gb/s Interlaken and Ethernet MAC.

- Access to full-featured RegEx, a comprehensive Control/Status Register generation Tool, is now Free.