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10 Gb/s Ethernet Media Access Controller(XMAC)

XMAC core from Flowgic Inc. is a full-duplex, 10-Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Controller(MAC) IP designed to meet IEEE 802.3ae-2000 specification. XMAC is an efficient, flexible and robust implementation of the MAC and RS layers.

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Key Features

  • In-band START(/S/) and TERMINATE(/T/) control character insertion
  • Preamble/Start-of-Frame Delimiter Insertion
  • Option to replace MACD, MACS, ETHERTYPE and VLAN/PRI fields in the transmitted frame with values from registers
  • Frame Check Sequence(FCS) computation/insertion and extraction/checking
  • Frame Transmit Error Propagation
  • Frame delineation using control characters, preamble/SFD in the ingress direction
  • Handling different kinds of errors and recovery
  • Inter Frame Gap(IFG) that meets Deficit Idle Count rules
  • Insertion of additional IDLEs to meet WAN-PHY rate limit
  • Reconciliation sub-layer(RS) implementation including Local Fault/Remote Fault handling
  • Simple System-side interface
  • SDR line-side interface or option to use DDR XGMII interface
  • MDIO STA for management of PHYs
  • Generic CPU interface for access to Control and Status registers
  • Flow-control handling in both transmit and receive directions
  • Comprehensive statistics vectors and optional statistics counter block


  • Low Gate Count
  • Flexible Design
  • Designed for Reuse & Testability
  • Proven Design Methodology
  • Customization Options


  • Functional Specification
  • RTL Database
  • Functional Verification Environment
  • Synthesis Scripts
  • Timing Report
  • User Guide


For licensing/more information, contact sales or call +1 (510)656-4524.


- A unique AMBA AXI solution from Flowgic extends the bus between chips.

- Flowgic offers 10 Gb/s Ethernet MAC and 10-120 Gb/s Interlaken Controller IP cores.

- Download for free Synthesizeable IP cores -- 10 Gb/s Interlaken and Ethernet MAC.

- Access to full-featured RegEx, a comprehensive Control/Status Register generation Tool, is now Free.